Administrative Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

Administrative Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

"Successful people are successful because they form the habits of doing those things that failures don't like to do." ~ Albert Gray

Our policies, procedures, information technology and legal structure deliver the processes and information we need to maintain and grow our business with the highest level of profit possible. THINK: Yes or No?

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Executive Summary...

Essentially, Administrative Management is about managing information. Information is central to all management processes.

Thus, the management of all kinds of information — whether paper based or computerized — is central to the effective running of organizations in today's competitive global marketplace.

While operations management tries to determine the best way to perform a job ("Best Practices",) those in the administrative management arena explore the possibilities of an ideal way (rule of thumb) to put all jobs together to best operate an organization.

Administrative management involves identifying, acquiring, allocating, and tracking all of the resources including human resource scheduling, payroll monitoring, training, insurance, equipment, services, and facilities needed to carry out the mission of the organization. This is the management team who keeps the organization operating smoothly and organizes the information technology (IT) and data services activities. Administrative personnel assume the task of supporting other departments and providing documentation organization, product, customer and sales support and general administrative support such as typing, editing, mailing and filing.

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"To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it." ~ Bunker Hunt

Administration Management is all about data processing, general paperwork, business reporting and legal compliance such as making sure all licenses, government forms, agreements, etc. are all filed properly — both internally and externally. It is about creating systems to count stuff (inventory, pricing, cost controls, etc.) and making sure everything is as it is supposed to be by design and plan. Mostly, administrative management is about the useful flow of information... giving leaders, managers and team members the mission-critical information they need to make daily decisions.

It is the built-in capacity for a company to actually LEARN and REMEMBER things about customers, employees and management behavior... a very big deal in this age of information.

Many administrative processes are repetitive and require regularly review, such as inventory reports, pricing updates, advertising/customer analysis, etc. Administrative managers add value to the company by challenging the efficiency and reliability of procedures that have been running for a period of time... while striving to find continuing improvements... and as importantly... identifying and cutting out of date and redundant practices.

Again, once your business hits $1-2 million each year in sales you must recognize that the future success of your business is almost 100% predicated on this critical area of management. You can be great at the other 8, but if Ops management and Admin management are insufficient, you will die the death of a thousand cuts.

Clearly, delivering WOW customer products and services is dependent on the "learning organization" where INFORMATION is king.

Excellence At This Function Means You Can Say...

  • We are constantly improving our systems to make them more informative for leaders, managers and employees alike.
  • Our business employs state of the art computers and software to get and keep control over every aspect of our business including Profit and Loss Statements for every aspect of our business on a daily basis.
  • Our superior ability to Innovate and Invent is a direct result of our IT driven learning culture...
  • Our company is truly a learning machine. Each member of the leadership team has transparent and fluid access to important information upon which they can quickly make informed decisions.

Improve This Function Now...

This Golden Function is composed of the following sub-functions and actions — things which must be done to guarantee your success.

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1.  ADKKAP  Manage and automate accounts payable to maximize use of internal cash while taking advantage of any payment discounts offered.
2.  ADKKAR  Automate accounts receivable to ensure full payment of all accounts and quickest receipt of payments due.
3.  ADKKCC  Review and implement improved policy to reduce bad debts and collections while improving new credit application processes.
4.  ADKKDC  Determine and initiate least costly procedure for collecting debts and non-payments.
5.  ADKKIB  Automate invoice/billing and integrate with all other business functions related to invoice.
6.  ADKKPM  Establish a process to review and approve purchasing prices, terms and decisions made on all company expenses.
7.  ADKKPR  Automate or outsource payroll and integrate data with all other financial functions.
8.  ADKKRM  Review and implement improved standards of managing credit risk of new credit applications.

Contract Management

1.  ADTMCM  Standardize and systematize the admin management and supervision of the work flow of all contracts made with customers.

Information Technology

1.  ADITBI  Examine and monitor the business intelligence by identifying, extracting, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue.
2.  ADITBS  Develop a system for mining new information from old sources, both internal and external.
3.  ADITCA  Use computer applications and "gold mining" software to analyize, review all statisics for the company's business.
4.  ADITCM  Develop an organized storage area for company documents, and other content, that relates to the business.
5.  ADITCS  Ensure all business data has a secure protection from any fraud or theft of information.
6.  ADITDA  Hire an outside service to maintain and secure the data for my company.
7.  ADITDD  Review the computer data before making long or short term management decisions.
8.  ADITHE  Hire a coach, mentor, expert, consultant or company to help perform this function.
9.  ADITIM  Hire a company to oversee the collected computer data.
10.  ADITIS  Develop systems to hold and calculate data information to help with business decisions.
11.  ADITOA  Our company needs to have the computer machinery and software to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information.
12.  ADITSM  Create new inititaves to manage business-critical information through technology systems.
13.  ADITTD  Hire a consultant or company to procure, install, and test hardware, software, and communications components for new software.


1.  ADINBI  Perform annual review of all business insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
2.  ADINII  Perform annual review of all business interruption insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
3.  ADINKI  Perform annual review of all key person insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
4.  ADINLI  Perform annual review of all liability insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
5.  ADINPI  Perform annual review of all property insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
6.  ADINUC  Perform annual review of unemployment compensation insurance with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.
7.  ADINWC  Perform annual review of workman's compensation insurance policies with assistance of insurance consultant/agents.

Internal Communication

1.  ADTMIC  Review and improve all internal company communications for efficiency, timeliness and necessity.

Legal Compliance

1.  ADLCAU  Monitor and resolve any open IRS audit disputes.
2.  ADLCBB  Review any current bond requirements for compliance, premiums paid and length of remaining term.
3.  ADLCBL  Obtain or renew all business license requirements.
4.  ADLCCT  Perform thorough review to confirm all company patents, copyrights and trademarks have been submitted and approved.
5.  ADLCFR  Perform thorough review to confirm compliance with all federal regulations.
6.  ADLCIR  Perform thorough review to confirm compliance with all industry regulations.
7.  ADLCJP  Perform thorough review to confirm all company inventions/intellectual property is properly registered and protected.
8.  ADLCLB  Perform thorough review to confirm compliance with all environment laws.
9.  ADLCLO  Perform thorough review to confirm company is compliant with all consumer law regulations.
10.  ADLCLP  Perform thorough review to confirm all required registrations license and permits to operate are current.
11.  ADLCLR  Review legal services and responsibilities to ensure sufficient legal counsel while minimizing legal expense.
12.  ADLCPL  Review all products and services with appropriate production management and legal opinion to cover potential product liability.
13.  ADLCSL  Perform thorough review to confirm company is in compliance with all local and state regulations.
14.  ADLCTF  Establish year long calendar that automates notices to appropriate personnel of timely filings of required regulatory reports.
15.  ADLCTS  Review current policy for protecting company trade secrets, non-disclosures and non-compete provisions.


1.  ADPUGP  Increase sales by pursuing government contracts for products/services.
2.  ADPUJI  Develop a "Just In Time Inventory Control System" to eliminate waste, improve turn times and gain the most value out of the inventory.
3.  ADPUOS  Create an Administrative Manager Review to monitor office supply expense on a monthly basis.
4.  ADPUSR  Review all on-going vendor and supplier relationships to confirm or obtain best pricing and terms possible on future purchases.

Record Keeping

1.  ADRKER  Create an Administrative Management Review who is responsible for expense controls from repairs to shrink.
2.  ADRKKR  Create/review all recording keeping processes. Automate. Streamline. Improve. Integrate. Analyze. Reduce or delete.
3.  ADRKMM  Develop and update Administrative Manual for all administrative responsibilities, activities and processes.
4.  ADRKRM  Create a system to monitor and record vital stats so our company has the correct data for decision making.