Mission and Purpose Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

Mission and Purpose Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion." ~ Jack Welch

My business is a Purpose-Driven Machine on a Customer-centric MISSION. It has a crystal-clear VISION for where we are going... and a real PASSION for serving our customers. THINK: Yes or No?

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Executive Summary...

The single most important aspect of business (and personal) success is a highly evolved, virtually unstoppable sense of purpose, mission and direction.

It is the source of the companies Vision and continued high expectations in every area of your operation. Ultimately, it is the big reason WHY your business succeeds where others fail.

It provides the super-charged passion necessary to carry you and your team from the depths of discouragement — when everything is going wrong... and nothing is going right — and keep you on the path to entrepreneurial greatness.

The simple truth is that many people burnout and give up too early, never realizing just how close to success they really were. What a shame.

With just a little bit more persistence, they would have found the route to their dreams.

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"Multitudes of people, drifting aimlessly to and fro without a set purpose, deny themselves such fulfillment of their capacities, and the satisfying happiness which attends it. They are not wicked, they are only shallow. They are not mean or vicious; they simply are empty — shake them and they would rattle like gourds. They lack range, depth, and conviction. Without purpose their lives ultimately wander into the morass of dissatisfaction. As we harness our abilities to a steady purpose and undertake the long pull toward its accomplishment, rich compensations reward us. A sense of purpose simplifies life and therefore concentrates our abilities; and concentration adds power." ~ Kenneth Hildebrand

Think carefully about the above quote. Is your business drifting aimlessly? Does it lack range, depth and conviction? Huge questions, aren't they?

The key to turning your business into a real goldmine, STARTS with clarity of Values... leading to clarity of Vision... which leads to clarity of Roles... which determines your long term level of conviction and commitment to your company and its success.

It is this heightened level of CONVICTION that generates the courage to consistently take bold action... day in, day out. It is the hallmark of the Winner's Mindset™.

Excellence At This Function Means You Can Say...

  • We have a written Vision Statement and every person on our leadership team, indeed, every employee has a shared VISION for where we are taking our business...
  • We have a written Mission Statement and have identified specific VALUES that guide our every decision, especially as it relates to delivering a WOW customer/client experience...
  • We know exactly WHAT business we are in, WHY we are in it, and the ROLE we play in our industry/community.
  • Each person on our management/leadership team is driven to achieve our Mission.
  • We update our Strategic Plan quarterly to reflect changes in our vision, direction and business conditions.

Improve This Function Now...

This Golden Function is composed of the following sub-functions and actions — things which must be done to guarantee your success.

See a weak spot or area of interest? Click on the action link to dive in and learn more. There's wealth of information behind each click!

Company Mission

1.  MIMIMD  Create a list of positive differences that we will make to each of the stakeholders when our company succeeds.
2.  MIMIMS  Write a short, mission statement giving the purpose of my company that includes the values, vision and role.

Company Role

1.  MIRORO  Write a clear and precise definition of the role my company will play to achieve its stated vision.

Company Stakeholders

1.  MISTAB  Create or increase members on the advisory board to help with guiding our mission.
2.  MISTBD  Hold board meetings with prepared agenda to create/review/modify vision, values, roles and major objectives.
3.  MISTCN  Employ a consultant or coach to assist in identifying and clarifying vision, values, roles and major objectives.
4.  MISTCU  Review company relationships with all customers to confirm performance is consistent with the mission in all transactions.
5.  MISTEM  Review company relationships with employees and employee relationships with customers to confirm the mission is being achieved.
6.  MISTIV  Confirm investor expectations and goals are consistent with mission and vision.
7.  MISTVE  Review relationships with all vendors/suppliers to confirm performance is consistent with the company mission in all interactions.

Company Values

1.  MIVACV  Create a short list of values that will direct and guide all business decisions and functions.

Company Vision

1.  MIVIDR  Write a clear description of the direction we are growing toward over the next 1-3-5 years.
2.  MIVIVS  Write a clearly detailed vision statement describing my company and its performance in its most ideal condition.

Core Competency

1.  MICCCS  Objectively list the core strengths and weaknesses to see how to enhance mission and vision.

Market Niche Served

1.  MIMNNI  Given company mission, vision, and values, identify core market niches that are a match to obtain ideal customers to serve.


1.  MIPPBO  Identify the top 5 Objectives that will be valuable to achieve in the next 1-3-5 years.
2.  MIPPBW  Prioritize the top 5 reasons that my company exists and is worthy of everyone's time, trouble, effort and resources.

Strategic Goal Setting

1.  MIGSLT  Starting with the Mission statement, identify the major long-term goals that must be meet to move toward the Vision Statement.
2.  MIGSST  Review short-term goals for each function and confirm they align with Vision and major objectives.