Real People... Real Success...


Real People... Real Success...

"To get what you want, STOP doing what isn't working." ~ Dennis Weaver

Powerful Results... Produced Immediately...

Over the last 25 years, we have developed a measurable, sequential, systematic process for achieving superior results... both personally and professionally.

Our MISSION is to greatly reduce the small business failure rate — and increase the success rate — by giving you the tools THINK Strategically... ACT Tactically... and EXECUTE Brilliantly.

If you haven't yet taken the Small Business Stress Test, Click Here Now... This test will give you a baseline assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses.

What People Are Saying...

"WOW -- The Biz IQ Test not only opened my eyes, it changed the entire direction of my business. Kudos!" - Bob Johnson


"I have been in business for almost 5 years. I have been struggling. When I read my personal plan for success, I almost cried. I have been spending 18 hours a day, spinning my wheels. The Golden Game helped me more than you can imagine. ~ Joanna Hanks


Your Stress Test opened my eyes to exactly what I must do to take Ajaz to the next level. Kudos!" ~ Sam Elliott


My team and I have been wrestling with the exact issues you address in Planning to Win. What, precisely must we do to grow sales, reduce costs and grow... grow... grow. Practical. Inspiring. Thank You." ~ Hanna Briggs


Worth 100 times the price!" ~ Jay Hurlley


We had no idea how much we were just working against ourselves. Working smarter trumps working harder hands down." ~ Tim Gumt


My list of Do It's has given me hope where I was looking down a long dark road. You promised to shed light on my problems -- you did! We are forever grateful." ~ Samona Jennings


Outrageous promise: More money... More fun... Greater Growth. I didn't really believe it but you gave us a dozen different things to do all 3. I am a believer." ~ Ted Montrose


This may be the best business tool I have purchased in the 10 years we have been open. I sure wish you guys would have been around 6 years ago -- we have been doing everything the hard way. Thanks. ~ Max Blugger


Simply put, you saved my hide! I bought 4 copies of the Golden Game for our management retreat. It changed the mood of my team, and gave us the direction we needed to make the big leaps to out hustle our competition." ~ J.J. Stevens


We were getting eaten alive. Every time we tried to out smart the shop down the street, he won away more of our business. We ran with 2 ideas in the plan and now have more than doubled our business. Grateful." ~ Josh Silver


We had never even considered doing an email reminder or loyalty rewards program until we hit the Marketing Management section of the Golden Book. Huge difference -- huge." Jenny Mc Abney


Overall, very impressive. I thought your price was way too low to be of value, but WOW -- it changed everything. We are bringing 3 people to your Success Intensive Bootcamp." ~ Alex Johnston
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