BizIQ 10-100 Seat Bulk Purchase

Smarter Strategy Yields Smarter Business

BizIQ 10-100 Seat Bulk Purchase

Smarter Strategy Yields Smarter Business

BizIQ 10-100 Seat Bulk Purchase

10 MyBizIQ Redemption Certificates to be used individually.

From $750.00!

"For me, winning isn't something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream." ~ Emmitt Smith

Group Seat Pricing: 10, 50, 100 Corporate Redemption Certificates...

Each Certificate unlocks the full $500 System. Order as many as you need at a huge discount based on quantity ordered.

Who Is This For?

We designed this system to help consultants, accountants, advisors, and team leaders easily equip all their clients, internal and external, with MyQuickStrat™ and the considerable resources found on site.

During the COVID19 Crisis we reduced an individual purchase to $97 from $599. We want every business to thrive, not just survive so we are making additional advisory tools available through select consultants, advisors, etc.

How does it work?

This program was designed to help people engage their clients and add value through their unique services. We sell the tools, you provide the continuing advisory contact.

You offer a higher level of service with a low level of cost in time and other resources.

Many SMB advisors use this for pure prospect qualifying and lead generation. They host meetings, present the problem and solution, and pass out the Redemption Certificates to people who purchased during their presentation.

Thus, the sale is completely in your hands, and our price on site will not be less than the $100/client you presented, so you have the pricing edge.

You may also simply send a prospect to the site, have them purchase individually, and offer your services once activated. While you forego revenue, you have no investment either.

However, you never want to lose control of a responsive buyer, so this gives you the mechanism to sell now and serve later.

There are no quantity requirements or commitments for future purchases. You order what you need and earn the difference between your Sales Price and your Net Cost / Redemption Code... which averages at least $50/client + a wonderful source of strategic planning income you will receive over time.

This is the Simplest Biz Op You Will Ever Find...

You continue to offer quality services and ADD MyQuickStrat™ to your offerings.

We do the hard work, service your client, and you EXPAND your business while INCREASING profitability,

In the end this WIN-WIN relationship helps your clients grow faster and achieve greater results while providing you with an entirely new income stream,

WIN-WIN Indeed!

Huge Value... Tiny Price...

We have always been the world leader in virtual training products for personal and professional excellence. Our 25 years of real-world experience... with customers in every country in the world... has given us the systems, people and technology to DO something that others can only TALK about: Instantly improve your business.

Yes, instantly.

By using our exclusive "Teaching Through Testing" system, we can pinpoint EXACTLY where you need help... and get you that help at the click of a button.

You take the first giant step forward when you take the MyBizIQ Stress Test.

Regardless of how you score, the big "take away" from this is that you either need HELP or you don't.

If you do, it's time to order.

Our philosophy is simple. YOU supply the dedication and passion. WE supply the tools, technology and systems to help you turn your business into a gold mine.

Please let us know when you can give us 15 minutes to help us save the lives of millions of small businesses who are truly facing an Extinction Level Event.

We have all the tools you need plus a highly motivational PowerPoint you can use to work with large and small clients alike.


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