Immediately Smarter Business...

Smart Tools For Smarter Business

Immediately Smarter Business...

Smart Tools For Smarter Business

Opportunity Through Crisis...

Every crisis presents challenges and opportunities never before seen. Right now is the time to look beyond this crisis and create a vision of what's possible for your business. You need a plan... a simple Strategic Plan.

And all the experts will tell you to think BIG and PLAN for the unexpected — the keys to resilience and adaptability. As Darwin advised, "It's not the strongest of the species nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one most responsive to change."

MyQuickStrat™ guides your decisions, advising you what you must do each day to grow faster and make more money. It is simple to use, predictive, intuitive, and leads you to immediately greater results. Quickly and easily!

MyQuickStrat™ is Quickbooks' missing half — the fastest and easiest way to realize your business's full potential. ~ E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)

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A Message From Your SWAT Team Commander...

The best way to describe MyBizIQ is by example.

You know what a SWAT Team is.

It is deployed to save lives: the victims, the first-responders, and even the criminals. Rather than showing up with guns blazing and smoke bombs being hurled, they have adopted a smarter way: START with strategy... end with TACTICS.

MyQuickStrat™ saves lives too!

Like all SWAT Teams, our Mission is to save lives — the lives of millions of small businesses who make up the fabric of the global economy. We have done the hard research and invested the big money (millions actually) to give you an unstoppable Competitive Edge.

A SWAT Team is based on a simple principle: Strategy, Weapons, And Tactics. (In that order.) It all starts with a STRATEGY well before they employ weapons or tactics. It is the most efficient and effective way of saving lives in a hostile environment.

We are exactly like this, but our acronym is slightly different:

    Strategic: MyQuickStrat™ is a pushbutton-easy way of guiding decisions that lead to powerful daily results. You decide what to focus on and it leads you to the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and HOW for every goal, objective, and milestone. You are immediately smarter.

    Wisdom: MyQuickStrat™ contains more and better knowledge — everything you want to know — about every function within business management. It then makes this highly condensed and distilled information, (WISDOM) available to you instantly. It's like going to business school for 2 years... but learning everything you need to know in 2 hours! You are immediately smarter.

    And: MyQuickStrat™ is complete in every respect — everything you need AND more all in one package. The tools, tech, training, coaching, Master Mind Sessions all designed to help you LEARN what you don't know... and EMPLOY what you do! You are immediately smarter.

    Tech: MyQuickStrat™ is high-touch coupled with high-tech built on a framework of highly effective digital mentoring. Entire libraries are instantly available, all organized for immediate use. This means you have a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly punch list of high priority things to do for you and your team. Benefit: More Done, Less Effort = Faster Growth and Greater Profitability. You are immediately smarter.

Immediately Smarter Business...

Working smarter and competing smarter spells the difference between working your tail off and running a gold mine... or working your tail off and coming up short... getting the shaft, not the gold.

Our claim to fame is that we are the only people who can give you exactly what you need right now. In fact, we promise that when you order MyQuickStrat™, you will have an actual Strategic Plan in less than 45 minutes! (We're not bragging. We're applying for a job as your Master Strategic Consultant!)

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Business Success: The Possible Dream!

There are approximately 415 Million businesses in the world — 33 Million in the USA alone. Unfortunately, 80% will never see their 10th anniversary... and a stunning 47% fail after just 36 months.

And the truth is, COVID has pushed the curve forward meaning more startups will fail even sooner.

Sad, especially when a simple solution is available!

No question, every business in America... indeed in the world... is under a tremendous amount of stress right now... with everyone facing a very difficult economy. As you can see in the above chart from the SBA the failure rate has remained constant for decades.

But now, we are in what economists call an ELE, Extinction Level Event for millions of businesses who do not pivot, create strong teams, and live by a STRATEGY... not just a bunch of TACTICS thrown together to get a job done.

Strategy makes you rich. Tactics will wear you down and out.

The Big Take Away...

As you can see from the above charts, business failure is not inevitable. The Strategic Succeed, others naturally fail over time.

Most experts tell you the reason for failure is running out of money. In reality, this is just 29% of the cases. The vast majority, 71% is usually cured with the right people, right tools, and right strategy. (After all, have you ever heard of a business with a mountain of cash going out of business?!)

Obviously, businesses that are making a lot of money do not fail because of money. They do, however, run out of money when they fail to GET new customers and KEEP existing customers buying from them — which is WHY they ultimately run out of cash, crash, and burn.

If you are just starting out, or starting over, please take what we say seriously. It is based on science, hard data, and years of experience.

Over the last 20 years, we have done something people told us was virtually impossible: Simplified the game of business down to the point where the average, but committed person can overcome the incredible odds against them... and actually WIN it.

In fact, we reduced the complexity of business down to just 3 Golden Rules, and 10 business-critical Functions that, when you follow them, amplifies your power to turn your hopes and dreams into real WEALTH... what some would call giving you "The Midas Touch."

We then got down to the heart of the matter... and did something that was really impossible: Created a measurable, sequential, systematic process for WINNING the golden game of business — put this system into an entire series of AFFORDABLE products and services — and made them instantly available at the click of a button to EVERY business on Earth. WOW!

Now THAT was almost IMPOSSIBLE!

The Golden Game of Business is inherently SIMPLE... but very hard to WIN... and getting harder by the minute. Business schools, consultants and coaches tend to further complicate the issues, trying to justify their existence and expenses. (It is not a coincidence that 7 of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world are business school dropouts. Of course there is nothing wrong with getting a formal education... as long as you don't let it get in the way of your success!)


Getting Started is Simple!

To make this amazing program available to everyone, we created an incredible package that represents the highest value at the lowest cost!

We highly recommend you ask each person on your leadership team to signup now. If your Biz IQ is under 90, the next few years is going to be brutal for you. In a "Survival of the Smartest" melt-down global economy, you need to out-think... out-hustle... out-produce and out-perform your competition at every step.


The Tool You Use Daily...

The Knowledge You Need to Succeed...

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"All our programs include 12 months of LIVE group coaching calls. No question is too big or small. By itself, this represents the best value in coaching. If you are building a business, this package is success-critical." ~ E. R. Haas, CEO

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Who Are Our Customers?

First and foremost, they are business people who are seriously in it to WIN it...

  • A guy with a couple of wine stores... looking to uncork 10 locations regionally.
  • A woman with a busy cupcake shop... who wants to bake up a lot more profit from the insane hours she is keeping. (3 AM to 7 PM is insane by anybody's definition!)
  • A mom and pop manufacturer with a hot new gizmo... who wants to pop their idea into a global sensation.
  • A regional running shoe retailer... who wants to step up their presence nationally.
  • A local, franchised moving company... who wants to groom their highly successful business for sale or a succession in management.

The common thread...

You want to CREATE WEALTH from your hard work... SOONER rather than later.

You want to GROW your business... FASTER.

You want to make more MONEY... a little EASIER.

You want to put more excitement and FUN back into your business...
because the same-o same-o is a real drag.

You're in the RIGHT Place!

With our tools and technology, you will develop the business SAVVY of a Harvard MBA... the crystal-clear VISION of The Oracle of Omaha... and the penchant for ACTION that trumps "The Donald." Our products are all about one thing and only one thing: Turning your hard work and brilliant ideas into substantial WEALTH. Our objective is to give you the same power to SEE and SEIZE opportunity as a Steve Jobs... Bill Gates... Meg Whitman or "The Martha!"

The simple truth is, there are, quite literally, thousands of things you can do to grow your business. BUT, knowing WHAT to do WHEN is the golden key to success. As we say everywhere on Site, to WIN the Golden Game of Business you must simply...

1. Know the 3 Golden RULES of the game...

2. PLAN to WIN... and...

3. PLAY to WIN.

ADVICE from every Champion who played the game: "Play to WIN or don't play at all."

With millions of dollars of exacting research over the last 10 years, we have been able to greatly SIMPLIFY the game of business... giving you an unstoppable competitive edge. We have the tools and technology to make it easier for you to WIN... to transform your business into a veritable gold mine.

How can we guarantee these results, you ask?

Because every product and service we offer is 100% focused on getting you to...

THINK Strategically...

ACT Tactically...

EXECUTE Brilliantly.

Making this happen is simply a matter of putting MyQuickStrat™ in your hands... helping you create a true Strategic Plan for the next 4 Quarters... and getting you to work the plan. The rest, as they say, is merely a detail.

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