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Advice From A Serial Entrepreneur...

This is the best economy in decades, and while still hyper-competitive, a million people, just like you, will become Millionaires this year!

If you have the desire, energy, and tenacity, we can help you achieve your dreams. This is not a bold claim, it is our unconditional guarantee!

We want to work for YOU!

This is not a "grazing site." It is built for action and designed with a single purpose: To help you build a business worth owning.

My credentials? I have started, built, grown, merged, liquidated, and invested in 22 different businesses in the last 50 years since my MBA. I have written 26 books and am working on number 27: Leadership Myopia ~ Avoiding the Blind Spots of Change.

I am a Master Mind CEO and Strategist ~ exactly what you need if you expect to make it big.

I am not bragging.

I am applying for a JOB... the job of helping you turn your business into a Gold Mine.

So, if you are serious about business, let's stop getting ready to get ready and get it on.

  1. Order our $97 2019 Midas Touch Bundle... and take your MyBizIQ Test. This will give you a 100% accurate baseline of your current Biz IQ. It is predictive of success or failure in business. This Biz IQ Quiz takes a few minutes and gives you a perspective on your business you cannot get anywhere else... short of spending $5 grand on a competent consultant.

  2. Submit your results and request a time for a 15 minute review and evaluation of your numbers. Our belief is that smart people ask for and get the help they need... especially when they don't even know they need it!
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Stop stepping over DOLLARS to pick up DIMES.

Plan to WIN. Play to WIN.

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Success Essentials for Small Business

Executive Summary...

If you are SERIOUS about growing your business, this site is a Gold Mine — a true treasure trove — of tools designed to increase cash flow, profits and the fun of owing your own organization!

You can turn your business into a Gold Mine but you must PLAN to WIN and PLAY to WIN.

If you don't, your luck will ultimately run out (see stats below) and you'll find yourself on a collision course with failure.

You are probably using an accounting system such as Quickbooks or the like. Accounting is a necessary evil but it only tells you what you DID and where your money WENT.

If this is how you make business decisions, you're simply stepping over DOLLARS to pick up DIMES.

Bookkeeping does precious little to inform intelligent choices about WHAT to DO and more importantly, the BEST WAY to DO it... HOW and WHY.

For that, you need a Simple & Quick Strategic Plan that is updated monthly.

ADVICE: Improve your Biz IQ. Do it now.

Until you PLAN to WIN there is no way to PLAY to WIN.

And if you don't PLAY to WIN... you have lost the Golden Game of Business before you even get started.

RECOMMENDED NEXT STEP: Invest 20 minutes to take your Stress Test >> If you score less than 70 >> Get With The program.

The "magic" in this site is to simplify strategic planning, make it affordable and instantly available to small businesses at the click of a button, in a way everyone can understand.

Some even call it gaining the Midas Touch!

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Old Problem...

This is something of a bad news / good news story.

People work hard, lay it on the line every day, and invest their precious time and money in businesses that will ultimately fail.

According to the 2017 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over HALF (50%) of all businesses started this year will be gone in just 36-48 months. Roughly 70% gone in 10 years. This is a HORRIBLE success / failure rate.

This means a loss of money, reputation, and a hard hit to your family, friends, employees, investors — everyone counting on you to make it.


What is the actual problem?

Slow growth... poor cash flow... ruthless competition... bad hires... ???

Lots of reasons, but ultimately it all comes down to this: They didn't PLAN to WIN... so they didn't PLAY to WIN.

Businesses without a Strategic Plan are stepping over DOLLARS to pick up DIMES... attempting to throw tactics at their issues... when all they need is a real STRATEGY.

Even Businesses 3-4 years old are not out of the woods. Half of those will be gone in 96 months.

Accounting programs like Quickbooks are a good start but fail to give you the guidance and direction you need. They just report on what happened. They don't give you clear instructions on what to make happen.

My Biz IQ is the perfect complement as we not only tell you WHAT to do... we explicitly tell you HOW to do it!

We just made this success-critical function EASY, PAINLESS, and AFFORDABLE for every business who wants to succeed.

If you are working hard but not seeing the results you want, try our way. It's unconditionally guaranteed to give you the business edge you have been looking for!

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New Solution...

My Biz IQ is the perfect tool for businesspeople with a strong desire to succeed.

In fact, we can actually PREDICT if you will work hard and turn your business into a gold mine... or work hard and fail.

Every businessperson dreams of a time when his or her business takes off — producing an environment where people are passionate about what they do and become great at doing it.

In time, their little idea becomes big business, perhaps even generating enormous wealth for the stakeholders: Management, employees, families, friends, investors, the community, the world at large.

For most people, this will remain a DREAM. For some, it will become REAL.

This site is dedicated to the Doing Dreamer... people who have learned how
to keep the dream alive, but need help in realizing its full potential.

My Biz IQ is about a highly complex process that we have made push-button easy: Strategic Business Planning for The Masses.

If you want to grow your business faster...

Start Now...

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything." ~ President Dwight D. Eisenhower

We Have The Tools & Are Here to Help...

It is our tools and systems that make us different from any other business coaching, consulting, advisor or planner. Learn to use these tools, you will discover how to turn your business into a Gold Mine... maybe even become the next Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg or Elon Musk.

Think WIN: WIN ~ What's Important Now... What's Important Next...

Every business leader will tell you that business plans are usually worthless, but the planning process is priceless.

If you are serious about building your business, you have a friend here who has the power to help you. Simply ask.

If you have ANY questions, we are here to help. eMail:

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." ~ Alan Lakein

Result? Greater sales... better cash flow... more free time... faster growth!


A Personal Thought...

From the Desk of E. R. Haas, CEO...

I know you are too busy for idle promises and empty talk.

You want an edge in your business and we are here to give it to you.

You can...

  • Grow faster and stronger...
  • Improve cash flow...
  • Make more money...
  • Enjoy more free time...
  • Have a shot at the good life.
  • Sell Up, Sell Out, or Retire Rich.

So, why take my advice? I have personally started, invested in, built and merged 22 different businesses over my career.

My partner and I decided to put our comprehensive Business Intelligence (Biz IQ) in an interactive program that leads you, step by step, to faster growth and greater profits.

To save you time and frustration, please READ this FIRST!

This site has a monumental amount of highly concentrated, personal and 100% interactive information. Thousands of pages, in fact.

It has been designed for business people who are SERIOUS about understanding the dynamics of their business, and how to turn their hard work, time, and money into a veritable Gold Mine.


  1. Set aside 30 minutes to complete your personal Stress Test. Simply follow the steps and you will learn more about business than consulting with a Harvard MBA...
  2. Read what is presented for understanding, not a quick judgmental pass. Again, the purpose of this process is to INFORM and ENLIGHTEN you... not to sell you products or services.
  3. Decide if your scores are "good enough" for you to achieve your goals. If not, we can help.

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In this ultra-competitive economy, the simplest way to INCREASE your probability of SUCCESS... and DECREASE the chance that you will FAIL... is to work a SMART PLAN: A Quarter by Quarter Strategic Action Plan.

Continue to do things "your way," you may or may not make it.

Do things "our way" and we unconditionally guarantee you'll make more money and grow faster.

We have not only simplified this business-critical function, but made it push button easy!

E. R. Haas, Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, CEO

What's Your Biz IQ?

The simple truth is, every business is under a tremendous amount of STRESS right now. Business conditions remain challenging. You can turn your business into an outstanding success, but you will need to do things differently.

To help you gain a powerful edge, we created the world's first Small Business Stress Test, a test that accurately PREDICTS if you will turn your business into a gold mine... or a money pit that sucks up all your hopes, dreams.

Your Stress Test measures 24 business-critical stress points that can propel you to wealth or torpedo any chance for long term success. We even give you a FREE, 37 page custom evaluation of your Business Intelligence.

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The MyBizIQ Leadership Package will give you a whole new perspective on exactly what you must do differently to work smarter... compete smarter... and turn your hard work into real success.

If you are interested in growing faster... becoming more profitable... or simply gaining a powerful edge, The Golden Game of Business is for you.

Because all our products are 100% unconditionally guaranteed, your purchase is 100% risk free.