MyBizIQ Quick Start System / Leadership Success Package

Intensive Training For Business Success

MyBizIQ Quick Start System / Leadership Success Package

The MyBizIQ Quick Start System is an exciting new package that gives you the help you need to take your business to the next level, and beyond.

Only $299.95!

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The Recent Palm Springs Intensive was a fabulous success! Be sure to click the Testimonial Tab below to see how people experienced it.


We have recently combined the TQ Master/Intensive with our MyBizIQ Success Intensive Bootcamp.

The vast majority of our clients are already self-employed coaches, consultants, and business professionals. Essentially, we have developed a 4 day Intensive geared towards success in business uniting High TQ Performance with exceptional Business Strategy.

The focus of these 4 days is high business achievement through enhanced leadership skills.

We cover all the major points below, within a High TQ Performance context. This Intensive is perfect for people starting up a new business, looking to groom an existing business for outstanding profitability and people who have the desire to coach and lead others to greatness.

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge:

Watch and Learn...

The MyBizIQ Success Intensive Boot Camp gives you the tools to turn your hard work into pure gold!

If you are in the Golden Game of Business to WIN it, this is your opportunity to put a hard edge on your competitive advantage.

Investment: $3,000 for a single seat; $1,500 for each additional person

Class size limited to just 10.

Proposed Dates: To Be Announced Palm Springs, CA

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Plain Talk About Business Success...

I am going to make this short and sweet...

Think of this Intensive as Strategic Planning for Dummies... for people who have no idea how to even SPELL Strategic Plan... but instinctively KNOW they are going about things the HARD way, and leaving lots of money on the table each day.

This is especially true of the Self-employed, Solo-Preneurs... Micro-Preneurs... and Start Up's hoping to make it big... people who are just starting out... people who are, maybe for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time are starting over again... and people who provide a professional service (psychologists, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) who want to become far more profitable... a whole lot sooner.

We call these people Personal Income Maximizers... not Business Builders.

Business Builders are people with a good idea and want to turn it into real WEALTH. These are the people we write about in the 25 Case Studies: Apple, Dell, Two Men and a Truck, White Wave, California Pizza Kitchens, Google, Nike, Virgin. Men and women who started out with nothing more than a few bucks and a VISION... and turned it into a gold mine.

Put simply, this Intensive is for BOTH groups... people looking for an EASY way to achieve their business dreams.

Throughout my career, I have seen people with good ideas, virtually collapse from BURNOUT -- when by taking an easier route -- they would have succeeded brilliantly.

No question, the number ONE reason small businesses fail, is that they BURN OUT well before they hit gold. (Just like the gold miners of lore. Some found the gold. Most got the shaft!)

The reason they burn out, is they WORK THEMSELVES to death, chasing a bunch of TACTICS with no overarching STRATEGY.

Sure, they work hard, but real success is always just beyond their reach.

They loose precious RESOURCES... worse, they lose their RESOURCEFULNESS.

Without the ability to THINK STRATEGICALLY you will NEVER do your business justice... you will never unlock its full potential... and you will work MUCH MUCH harder than necessary.

Having built 16 different, highly successful businesses over the years... FROM SCRATCH... selling BILLIONS of dollars worth of products invented from nothing more than an observation... you can take this advice to the bank.

The key is to STOP thinking about TACTICS and START focusing on a crystal-clear STRATEGY to either greatly IMPROVE your profitability... or MOVE you from Stage-1 Sustainability... to Stage-4 Salability/Greatness.

If you want to make more MONEY... fast track your GROWTH... GROOM your business to sell-up or sell-out... the single SMARTEST investment you will make this year is to attend the next IQ/TQ Business Success Intensive.

In four days of INTENSE book camp training, you will gain more ideas for immediate action... a crystal clear STRATEGY for the next 12 months... and a Strategic Plan guaranteed to make you a lot of MONEY.

If you are starting a NEW business... this program is absolutely ESSENTIAL...

If you are in TRANSITION... this program is absolutely ESSENTIAL...

If you want to turn your business into a WORLD CLASS COMPANY... this program is absolutely ESSENTIAL...

If you are SERIOUS about your business... and COMMITTED to maximizing its success... come and learn a whole new way to achieve your dreams and goals.

Yes, I am an expert at wealth-building business strategies. I will be your "Team Leader" and see to it that you walk away from this INTENSIVE prepared to WIN the Golden Game of Business.

If you are BOTH serious and committed and want to chat, give ER a call at 303 664 9624.

I will not tell you that you would be NUTS NOT TO GET THE PROGRAM AT THIS PRICE, but you would be crazy to pass it up... especially if greater growth and profitability is your objective this year.

To all you folks who think you know it all... done it all... and are too busy to take me up on my offer, I wish you luck and hope you make it through what is shaping up to be a year much tougher than the last three.

"Business has become an ultra-competitive, take no prisoners game where the seriously COMMITTED WIN BIG and the rest are left to fight over the scraps." ~ Donald Trump

The Donald has it right: This is the most ultra-competitive, take no prisoners economy of our lifetime.

You need a strong competitive EDGE. Immediately improve your Business Intelligence and you have a chance to win and win big.

Don't, and this is one year that is going to be VERY difficult for you.

The choice is yours.

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This program is for managers, owners and leaders of businesses who are:

  • Experiencing rapid growth and want to immediately increase baseline profitability...
  • Experiencing challenging times and are struggling just to keep their doors open...
  • Grooming their business for a sell-up or sell-out opportunity...
  • Preparing management for a LBO or succession in ownership.

In just 4 days, you will become IMMEDIATELY SMARTER about your business.

We will give you the tools to...

THINK Strategically...

ACT Tactically...

EXECUTE Brilliantly.

Think of this as the "What they didn't teach you about business at Stanford, Harvard or the School of Hard Knocks" program!

Once you take your Stress Test, you know EXACTLY where your business is strong and where it is weak.

Once you get your Strategic Plan, you have a PLAYBOOK for winning the golden game of business.

Once you start executing your PLAN, you will start to see brand new opportunities for growth and profit. The trick, of course, is not just SEEING those opportunities... but SEIZING them!

If you are SERIOUS about turning your business into a gold mine — and want to do it quickly — join us at the next MyBizIQ Success Intensive Boot Camp. You just might learn more about creating wealth in your business in these 4 days, than you would by taking 2 years off and getting an MBA from a top 10 business school.

The reason we call this a Success Intensive, is that it is exactly what the name implies: INTENSE.

When you leave, you will be EXHAUSTED... but you will have learned the true SECRETS to business success... how to turn your ideas, inspiration, and hard work into true wealth.

This program will give you a tremendous head start on implementing change within your organization.

It gives you the background KNOWLEDGE only known by the most successful business people in the world... information that you can immediately use to grow your business — fast and profitably.

With our tools and technology, you will develop the business SAVVY of a Harvard MBA... the crystal-clear VISION of The Oracle of Omaha... and the penchant for ACTION that trumps "The Donald." Our products are all about one thing and only one thing: Turning your hard work and brilliant ideas into substantial WEALTH. Our objective is to give you the same power to SEE and SEIZE opportunity as a Steve Jobs... Bill Gates... Meg Whitman or "The Martha!"

The simple truth is, there are, quite literally, thousands of things you can do to grow your business. BUT, knowing WHAT to do WHEN is the golden key to success. As we say everywhere on Site, to WIN the Golden Game of Business you must simply...

1. Know the 3 Golden RULES of the game...

2. PLAN to WIN... and...

3. PLAY to WIN.

By Day 4, you will have exactly what you need to WIN the golden game of business. Guaranteed. See Day-by-day Schedule...

Every Day Smarter...

Prior to your arrival, you will once again test your Business Intelligence — giving us a baseline reference of what you currently KNOW and DO. We will then create a new, special Intensive Edition of your Golden Game of Business Success: Planning to WIN hard bound Strategic Plan.

Over the next 40 hours, you will learn the tips, tricks and techniques of the Champions of Business. Note. Each day Starts promptly at 7:30 and breaks for lunch at 12. The afternoon session starts promptly at 1:15 and ends at 6:15. Snack Breaks are included in your registration. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is not.

There will be approximately 1 hour of "home work" to be completed for the next day.

Upon Completion, you will have earned the coveted MyBizIQ MBA Certification. You will truly become a Master of Business ACTION... not good intentions!

NOTE: Each seminar is produced based on the requirements of the members and blends TQ Intensive and My Biz IQ materials as desired!

For complete information on the TQ intensive, Day 1 TQ Intensive Syllabus...

Click Here...

Day 1...


How to SEE and SEIZE Opportunity

What did Bill Gates SEE?

What did Steve Jobs SEE?

What did Oprah SEE?

How to cut through the BLUR of business life and SEE the Opportunity just beyond your field of VISION.

Becoming a VISIONARY.

Asking SMARTER Questions...

Making SMARTER Choices...

Taking SMARTER Actions...

Learn how to consistently and incrementally DO this daily.

The power behind our promise of teaching you how to:

THINK Strategically... ACT Tactically... EXECUTE Brilliantly.

Do this daily, and your success is 100% guaranteed. Don't, and you will be the victim, not victor in the golden game of business.

The above will be seamlessly integrated with the Day 1 TQ Intensive Syllabus...


Turning your VISION into WEALTH

The 3 Golden Rules of Business

The 10 Golden Keys that unlock your future.

Keeping business SIMPLE

Homework: Write a crystal-clear Vision Statement for your business. What do you see? When do you expect it to materialize? What's it worth?

The Bicycle Biscuit Story. A business case in the 3 Golden Rules of Business Success.

Day 2...

This, and day 3, is all about MASTERING the 10 business-critical Functions that drive the Midas Touch.


Presentation of the Bicycle Biscuit Business Case.

Your Mission, Passion and Purpose

Triangulating your success.

Invention and Innovation Management.

Why it is critical to be constantly innovating.

Because the best way to PREDICT the future is to CREATE it.


The importance of fielding the right TALENT.

The 90,90,90 rule.

Great MARKETING is the key to the front door of your gold mine. Why?

Great SALES MANAGEMENT makes sure you are getting PAID for all your hard work. Why?

Homework: Write a 1 page summary of the connection between INNOVATION and MARKETING... and present to the group your views on which is the MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION discussed today.

The above will be seamlessly integrated with the Day 2 TQ Intensive Syllabus...

Day 3...


Presentation of the wealth-generating connection between INNOVATION and MARKETING.



The key to keeping what you make: Brilliant Financial Management.

The key to golden success: Business Cycle Management.

Discussion of the Advanced Strategic Plan

Review of your Strategic Plan online.

Homework; Determine which Functions are most important to the 3 Golden Rules of business success.

Case Study: Which Functions does your business excel at, and which need work? Do you follow Messic's First Law of Business Success: Don't pass your inefficiencies on to your customers... because they simply won't pay for them. Where are you on the PVR Grid?

Day 4...


Case Study Presentation from Day 3.


Tips, tricks and techniques to fast-track your plan.

Planning to WIN requires you to PLAY to WIN.



Total Focus on TEAM TQ.

What's YOUR TQ (Time Quotient) and how to improve it.

Review of your personal Power of TQ: The 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence.

Walk through Chapter 6: Your Personal Book Mark

The indelible connection between your PURPOSE (personally and in business) and your PERFORMANCE.

FINAL EXAM (Optional)

We believe in the power of Teaching Through Testing.

One hour open book 10 Question Exam.

Exit Review: What happens tomorrow?

What an "Eye opening experience"!

"We definitely learned new things, but I think the most profound part was being able to connect the dots of the things we ALREADY knew!"

Hi Guys,

We've been wanting to get this e-mail out for over a week now.... But have been soooo busy going thru all those leads and new customers we've received (YAAAAAY)!

I hope you are ALL doing fantastic! I hope you are Getting more customers than you know what to do with, Keeping all of them, an Making more money than you can count! If we can be of service in anyway... please don't hesitate to reach out!

What an "Eye opening experience"! We came to MYbizIQ Intensive without specific expectations... we've been to the TQ intensive and thought it would be similar, we LOVE ER's message so we said "why not"? We loved it! The intimate setting amongst like minded individuals without the pressure of notes and tests made it SUPER easy to absorb the information, be honest and expressive, and to feel comfortable about giving and receiving suggestions to directly enhance our businesses!

How often do you get to do that... have others look at your business and give you feedback from an outsiders perspective but without criticism! We definitely learned new things, but I think the most profound part was being able to connect the dots of the things we ALREADY knew! We are working on our detailed plan, but the rough draft has been enough to inspire us to "GET, KEEP and MAKE! My personal energy has increased, I am the most clear I have been in 7 years, and I am more focused on the goal and I am 150% focused on my business to make sure we are the "ELITE Curves Franchise with a purpose"!

Andre is SUPER excited about his role with Curves as well as his ability to help many Americans get thru this economic downturn by offering a solid solution... the TQ system! We are happier as a couple because we are now speaking the same language ;)

We had many obstacles preventing us from attending, we even had to miss the first day, but I will tell you I AM SO GLAD we went it was life changing (literally). You cannot AFFORD to miss this intensive!

Thank you ER for being the teacher.... And thank you for also being the Student.... I am so happy you were able to apply some of the feedback I shared! (Don't be surprised if I send you and invoice to collect royalties on my whole "concierge perspective")LOL

We wish you continued success, and can't wait for this life-long partnership to begin.

See you at the top!
Mia & Andre McDaniel

You can't afford not to go!

"I was able to find CLARITY of the bigger "WHY" for both my business and my mission as a leader."


If I could just say 3 things about attending The MyBizIQ Intensive it would be this:

1. It really was a God-send, on two accounts... personally for me and for my business, Creating Winners Ministries.

2. What I walked away with is a Strategic Plan that has been unbelievably valuable...ER Haas knows his stuff so well, he saved me at least 2000 hours of my own time. If anyone thinks you can't afford to attend the next MyBizIQ Intensive, then that is the very reason that you have to attend the next one!!! You can"t afford not to go!

If you're so busy that you don't think you can free your schedule to invest 4 days to guarantee the future of your business that is the very reason you must attend the next intensive.

3. I was able to find CLARITY of the bigger "WHY" for both my business and my mission as a leader. ER Haas' ability to pull back the layers of your big "WHY" was PRICELESS.


The Tools to Build Real Wealth...

ER -- Here's my testimonial...let me know if you want more.

"MyBizIQ is not speculative, or hypothetical, but rather gives you a mathematically proven formula for business success!"

The state of America's small businesses is in dire need of repair and if CHANGE doesn't start to happen quickly, there is A LOT at stake — peoples' livelihoods, families, communities, and so on. The MyBizIQ System is both ENLIGHTENING and EMPOWERING. The MyBizIQ test shone a huge light, x-ray caliber vision, on what's not working in our business and what's to come if nothing changes, and it gave me the tools to devise a clear, actionable strategy to fix it. And it starts with ME.

If on a personal level I am performing at a higher level of TQ — in my personal roles, my role as an employee, and my role as "business developer" — I will have the confidence and ability to produce the results I want to achieve in all those roles, I can PLAY TO WIN. With the clarity and understanding of the 10 Golden Key Functions and how they drive WEALTH, I now KNOW THE RULES of the business game. MyBizIQ helped me devise a STRATEGY with supporting tactics, clearly defined roles, clarity of what's important now, and what's important next, to take my business to the next level — I can now PLAN TO WIN.

Because my business involves helping other businesses elevate their WEALTH, I am now EMPOWERED to share with them the tools that will ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER them as well. It's about building strong business communities, businesses collaborating with one another and with their community to elevate the economy of the individual, the businesses, and the community as a whole. Do this across America and everyone WINS.

No one goes into business to lose money, to fail, to crash and burn before they get off the ground. We all do it to WIN, to generate income or WEALTH, and to reap the rewards that come with it.

By understanding that every business has three main objectives, GET CUSTOMERS, KEEP CUSTOMERS, and MAKE MONEY, and how the 10 Golden Key Functions contribute in one way or another to these three objectives, then "maniacal focus" on these Key Functions is critical, day in and day out, in order to generate wealth, bottom line. Just how Success on Purpose and TQ teaches us to live on purpose, with intention in everything we do, the same applies to business. We cannot afford to neglect any critical function of business, much less leave things to chance! MyBizIQ is not speculative, or hypothetical, but rather gives you a mathematically proven formula for business success!

Ana Chamorro, Area Director
Los Angeles/Orange County

Refreshingly Eye Opening...

"From the first session I was wishing my partners were all in the room."


The Palm Springs Bootcamp was refreshingly eye opening! Validating that the best "Opportunities" are indeed the one's that come to you. Personally I had seen no need for a therapeutic BS session, but am thankful that my investor wise in years could see his seed money stood a better chance of growing if were planted in more fertile ground.

From the first session I was wishing my partners were all in the room. Today, as I circled the wagons with them my fears were that there would be resistance or the soil would be tough to till or worse yet that without your colorful classroom presentation that my regurgitation would be void of effectiveness. But to the contrary, my fears quickly dissipated and it became apparent to all that the potency was in the message and not the messenger.

With your Gold Standard as a guide I can now clearly see our strengths and can honestly say that our group IQ was a few points higher than initially believed. That simple validation has not only re-fueled our mission, but serves as a guiding GPS light as we continue to push toward the mark of being the World Wide Leader in delivering the small businesses message to his community!

All the Best!

Alan Schubert, VP / MyNetworkOne

We all hold the golden keys to success...

"Big doors swing on little hinges, and ER most certainly inspired us to practice keeping those hinges well maintained as we unlock the gates to our dreams through daily focused thought and action."

Dear ER, Jan and Friends,

To each of you I want to express my sincere gratitude for building into my life and allowing me to share a major growth spurt together.

No doubt we all became 'better together' in our collaborative efforts to improve our serve to those who need our products and services most. Of course we are the benefactors of the relationships we build, spiritually, socially and economically.

We all hold the golden keys to success, however we still need to Access the gates and then unlock the doors. I heard someone once say that 'big doors swing on little hinges' and ER most certainly inspired us to practice keeping those hinges well maintained as we unlock the gates to our dreams through daily focused thought and action.

Every time I come out of a learning experience I realize that once more I must 'learn less more', take what I already know coupled with more insight and drill down deeper to mine the pure vane of richness that is exposed.

I want to encourage each of you to continue on you own 'journey of greatness' and 'creativity' living large, fulfilling the purposes our Creator has destined us for and never lose hope, focus on what you want, truly that is the tree of life!

Blessings to all of you, lets keep in touch!


Serious About Your Business... Get With The Program!

We have always been the world leader in virtual training products for personal and professional excellence. Our 17 years of real-world experience... with customers in every country in the world... has given us the systems, people and technology to DO something that others can only TALK about: Instantly improve your business.

Yes, instantly.

By using our exclusive "Teaching Through Testing" system, we can pinpoint EXACTLY where you need help... and get you that help at the click of a button.

You take the first step when you take the MyBizIQ Stress Test.

Regardless of how you score, the big "take away" from this is that you either need HELP or you don't.

If you do, it's time to order.

The MyBizIQ Success Intensive Boot Camp gives you the tools to turn your hard work into pure gold! Class size limited to just 20 candidates, so register early.

Investment: $4,000 for a single seat; $1,500 for each additional person.

Proposed Dates: To Be Announced Palm Springs, CA

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Our philosophy is simple. YOU supply the hard work, dedication and passion. WE supply the tools, technology and systems to help you turn your business into a gold mine.

If you want to transform your business into all that it can be, get with the program.